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As most know, Shaker Bridge Theatre canceled the last two productions of our season due to the COVID 19 pandemic. We live in hope that these productions will be realized at some point in the near future.


I really miss the theatre. I miss being in a room with other people to watch a story being embodied by exceptionally talented actors. To help alleviate this withdrawal from the theatre, we held a ten-minute play contest!


These were the rules:


Write a play between one and ten minutes in length with two or three characters. Let your current situation be the stimulus, the inspiration for your play. Not sure you can do this? Try writing with a partner! Your play can be serious, it can be a comedy, can be realistic, can be absurdist, etc. There are no limits to or restrictions on the style.



Your play can be set in one room, in two rooms, in a car, in somebody’s backyard, in a deserted airplane, an empty theatre, a takeout line in a restaurant - anywhere you want.



There must be at least two but no more than three characters.

(No one-person monologues.)


We had many great submissions and were able to come up with 14 winners who will be listed below. All of these plays will get a staged reading at the theatre when the next season begins. And, some of them will even get an online/Zoom production in the near future. Stay tuned! 

Social Distance - James McLindon

Live - Jeannie Hines

Pantsdemic! - Evan Baughfman

Tonight At The Stage Door - Donald Loftus

The Birds Are Feeding Me - Rex McGregor

Virtuous Reality - Alex Wilkie

Sheltering Out Of Place - Sylvia Ashby

Don’t Touch Me - Mike Backman

Mary Poppins . . . - John Reshetar

It’s All Happening At The Zoo - Lori M. Meyers

Working From Hideout - Jack Karp

Drip-n-Drop - Eric Zengota

Daydream #2 - Dvid Beardsley

Alexa The Liar - Guy Newsham

- Bill Coons, Founder


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