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Upcoming Events

“The Cake” by Bekah Brunstetter 
January 18–February 4 
directed by Jammie Patton
Inspired by a story from the headlines, this marvelously funny new play is proof that love is the key ingredient in creating common ground. 

Lobby Prelude Talk
Join the Creative Team of THE CAKE in the Lobby at Briggs Opera House on January 27th at 1:30 for a pre-matinee discussion about the impulses and inspirations behind the creation of the production. Please let us know if we should expect you at  

After Chat
January 28th immediately following (approximately 3:45) the Sunday matinee performance of THE CAKE please join our expert panel for a discussion of the subject matter and themes illuminated by the play (including: attitudes surrounding same sex marriage, the rights of sevice providers and customers, cancel culture, etc). If you saw an earlier performance you are welcome to return for this discussion. Please RSVP to  

SBT Actor Gym
February 5th 6:30-8:30 is a chance for experienced local actors to flex their creative muscles at Briggs Opera House in our acting class led by SBT Artistic Director, Grant Neale. This is an acting workout for body, voice, and mind.  The classes are free. Please RSVP to  

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