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In this video, Director Bill Coons interviews Outside Mullingar actors James Handy, Dorothy Stanley, Michael Stewart Allen, and Amy Hutchins. It's a great inside view to the characters, the setting, and the story behind John Patrick Shanley's writing of the play and connection to Mullingar, Ireland.
About Sunset - Playing May 3rd thru May 20th
Bills Coons talks with actors Carey Urban and Craig Brown about the upcoming production at Shaker Bridge Theatre, Heisenberg by Simon Stephens.
CATV sat down with Director Bill Coons to talk about the upcoming performance of 'Constellations.'
CATV came for a visit with the performers of the upcoming production 'Dancing Lessons.'
The cast of THIS meets and greets each other for the first time. Season eleven is now officially underway!
Matt Crabtree
Melissa Murray
Celeste Ciulla
Kevin Ramos-Glew
Paul West
A one question interview with Bill Coons
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